About Us

Over the last 30 years, Douglas Stalnaker has made it his mission to cultivate a unique, fresh, and pleasurable experience for his clients. Listening to his clients is a top priority. In 2003 when he opened Douglas & Company, he created a space where his clients feel comfortable discussing their hair and the look they'd like to have, whether it's from the pages of a magazine, the big screen, or their own imaginations.

In 2019 Douglas sold the salon to Emily & Robert Galbaugh. It became Atlanta Hair Color Studio. Emily & Robert have been in the hair Industry for 15+ years. Emily a Alabama native started hairdressing at a young age. She started Cosmetology school in high school and moved to Atlanta to further her career. She has trained with some of the best in the industry and continues to grow.

Robert has worked doing Web design, e-commerce stores, photography, advertising and POS systems for several salons across the Atlanta area. Together they make a great team and strive to keep the salon and clients first!